Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping data entry to create reports, perform audits and prepare Financial Statements.


Official Registration of Business and Non-Profit Companies nationwide.


Paycheck processing, Payroll Tax Payments, report filing with Taxing Agencies, issuing W2s and filing with Social security Administration, record keeping.

Tax Preparation

Nationwide Business Tax Preparation and electronic filing.

Tax Return Preparation

Nationwide Non-Profit and Trust Tax Return Preparation.

Personal Tax

Nationwide Personal Tax Preparation and electronic filing.

Full Package Businesses

For Businesses including but not limited to Bookkeeping; Payroll; Sales, Use, Property, County and City Business Tax preparation and filing, applying for Permits such as ARD, EPA, and other types of required Permits; Business and Individual Income Tax Return preparation and electronic filing.

Financial Consultation

Counseling on issues of General Investment plans, General budgeting, and all other related financial issues.

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